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Welcome to Dale Glading for State Representative District 54

"Faith, Family & Freedom".  Those are the words that best describe  Dale Glading and why he is running for State Representative.

DALE GLADING IS FAITH-DRIVEN.  As an ordained minister, Dale is motivated not only to share his faith, but also to minister to those in need.  That is why he has spent the past 33 years caring for seniors, reaching out to prisoners, and working with at-risk youth in our community. Dale's personal faith has also led him to spearhead racial reconciliation efforts throughout Indian River County and beyond.

DALE GLADING IS FAMILY-ORIENTED.  Dale and his wife Deanna have been married for 31 years... and counting!  God has blessed them with three adult children and three precious grandchildren.  NOTHING is more important to Dale than providing a better life for his children and grandchildren... and yours! 

DALE GLADING IS A FREEDOM-FIGHTER.  Whether it is passionately defending the lives of unborn children as president of the Indian River County Republicans for Life, standing up for religious liberty, or protecting the rights of his fellow citizens to keep and bear arms, Dale is a fighter who doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit".  Whenever he sees an injustice to be righted or a need to be met, Dale is among the first to respond.  And he won't stop fighting until the battle is won.

Dale's background includes...

  • Serving for 11 years as a retirement community executive, providing hands-on care to seniors and learning first-hand about the issues that concern them most
  • Founding two highly successful non-profit organizations that have employed more than a dozen people in six different states
  • Ministering to an estimated half-million inmates in more than 400 correctional facilities across North America and Africa, including 45 different prisons here in Florida where Dale has been ministering since 1992
  • Working with at-risk youth from Gifford, Wabasso, Oslo, Vero Highlands and Ft. Pierce, providing free recreation programs and academic tutoring as well as positive male role models
  • Leading racial reconciliation efforts throughout the Treasure Coast including hosting annual conferences and other community events that have opened new lines of communication and fostered racial harmony in our community

Want to know more about Dale?  

  • Passionately pro-life
  • Favors school choice and local control of education, and opposes Common Core
  • Will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Believes in smaller and less intrusive government
  • Has a six-point plan to preserve and restore the Indian River Lagoon
  • Wants not just more jobs, but better paying career positions, especially for our young people
  • Thinks it is time for office holders to stop passing the buck and to start making the tough choices now!

Dale Glading's three decades of community service and his real-life experience raising children, starting businesses and creating jobs make him the ideal person to represent the Treasure Coast in Tallahassee.

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